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Cambria Countertops

Harder than granite and naturally sealed, Cambria countertops offer unmatched durability without compromising on looks. Cambria is so proud of this material and what it can offer homeowners that they offer a limited lifetime warranty on every slab they sell. Come to Shemel’s Carpet and Interiors today and check out our selection of Cambria countertops.

Surface Finishes

Cambria offers two amazing finishes on their material. A high-gloss finish is perfect for showpieces such as kitchen islands, peninsulas, and bars. This finish will catch and reflect any light source, drawing the eye inexorably towards its radiance. Those who prefer a more understated approach can choose Cambria Matte. This low-sheen finish is less dazzling but may better expose the subtle beauty of the pattern within the material.

Edge Profiles

Select from 19 different edge designs for your countertops, then choose the height of your counter. Each provides a different look and highlights the choice of material in a unique manner. Check out our showroom for more information on what’s available!

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